Blowout – The SauceLA Juice: 120ML Only $5.99, 60ML Only $2.99

The sale is not on for Thanksgiving, but will be relaunched on Black Friday. Come back then!

There’s a blowout e-juice sale going on at TheSauceLA.  Right now, you can get 120ml bottles of  The Sauce, Route 66, The Pier, and Awesometown eJuice for $5.99 with code MoreJuiceThanEver (limit 4) or buy 60ml bottles for $2.99 with code BiggestDealEver (limit 9). Offer is valid thru November 22.

Blowouts at TheSauceLA:

  • 120ml In-House E-Juice: $5.99 (Limit: 4) get-this-deal Use coupon code MoreJuiceThanEver at checkout (thru Nov. 22)

  • 60ml In-House E-Juice: $2.99 (Limit: 9) get-this-deal Use coupon code BiggestDealEver at checkout (thru Nov. 22)