Encom TX 70W TC Box Mod $56.46

This is your chance to get the Encom TX 70W Box Mod. It features 70W of output power and has temperature control functionality. Best of all, it features a stunning and ergonomic design.

IPV Mini 2 Box Mod $39.75

The IPV Mini 2 is the upgraded version of its predecessor with an increased power output from 30W to 70W. This is a compact and powerful mod which features a Yihi SX3330V2i chip board which allows it to fire and regulate much more power in a compact body.

Ele Cigar 70W TC Box Mod $29.69

The Ele Cigar 70W takes leather and metal and combines it into a luxurious box mod. It is made of high quality aluminum and zinc alloy and features a leather battery door. The combination of these materials ensures it is durable and its compact size results in a perfect mod to take out for the night.