House To Vote On Nationwide E-Juice Flavor Ban & Online Sales Ban – Contact Your Reps!

On February 27, the House will vote on a bill which will ban the sale of flavored e-liquid products and online sales of all e-cigarettes & vaping products. This bill will completely destroy the vaping industry and only allow sales of vape products face-to-face.  While we don’t get political on Cheap Vaping Deals, it should be noted that this bill is sponsored by an army of Bloomberg-funded anti-harm reduction groups to the tune of $160,000,000. This makes it an uphill battle!  While this bill will probably pass the House, it is uncertain how it will fair in the Senate.

Here’s what’s in House bill HR 2339 in regards to vaping and e-cigarettes.

  • Flavor ban
  • Online sales ban
  • FDA user fees
  • Synthetic nicotine regulations
  • No e-cigarette/vape advertising

What To Do

  • Whatever any member of Congress thinks about vaping, dealing with a large number of angry constituents is something none of them want.  Call/ email your congressman and senator or hit them up on social media. You can find out who your congress is by entering your address on this page.  Or this page has an easy online tool with pre-written scripts to contact your reps.
  • Contact the president and ask him to veto this bill if it passes both Houses.
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