LiitoKala Lii-202 USB Battery Charger $5.69 & Free Shipping


Check out this awesome price for the LiitoKala Lii-202 USB Battery Charger.

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The LiitoKala Lii-202 is an affordable universal battery charger that supports virtually every NiCd, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries.  If you are looking for a cheap charger, this one will safely top off your 18650, 26650 or other vape batteries.

This dual battery charger is able to automatically read the battery type and will charge the cell using your selected current, either 0.5A or 1A.  The device gets power from its  Micro USB port and a general 5V 1A USB output allows the Lii-202 to be used as a power bank for charging your tablets, smart phones or other USB device.  LED indicators conveniently display battery type and charge levels of each slot.

There’s also built-in safety features to prevent fires or other hazards.  These include over-charge protection, over-discharge protection and short circuit protection.

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Features & Specifications

  • Highly efficient charging
  • Auto detect battery type
  • Two charging currents: 1A or 0.5A
  • Two powerbank charging modes:  voltage or current
  • LED indicates battery type and charge levels of each inserted cell
  • Will identify broken battery cells
  • oV rechargeable battery activation
  • Supports Ni-MH and NiCd: A, AA, AAA, SC
  • Supports Li-ion batteries: 10440, 14500, 16340, 17355, 17500, 17670, 18490, 18650, 22650, 26500, 26650
  • Input current:2A
  • Output voltage: 4.35V / 4.20V / 3.65V / 1.48V
  • Output current: 0.5A / 1A
  • USB output: 5V, 1A


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