Miboxer C4-12 Fast 3A Smart Battery Charger $47.67 & Free Shipping

Update: The Milboxer C4-12 Charger Has Been Discontinued – Check  Newer Vape Mod Battery Chargers 

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MiBoxer C4-12 Review

Miboxer C4-12 Charger Features

The Miboxer C4-12 Charger is said to be the perfect battery companion because it features four charging slots that can top off your 18650, 21700, 20700 and other vape batteries in no time thanks to 3 amp continuous current in all four bays simultaneously. As a result, charging four 2000mAh batteries only takes about an hour.

The device is compatible with nearly all rechargeable cylinder batteries in the market

  • 4.2V Li-ion (IMR.INR/ICR): 10340/10350/10440/10500/12340/12500/12650/13450/ 13500/13650/14350/14430/14500/14650/16500/16340(RCR123)/ 16650/17350/17500/17650/17670/18350/18490/18500/ 18650/18700/20700/21700/22500/22650/25500/26500/26650
  • Ni-MH/Ni-Cd (1.48V): AAAA/AAA/AA/A/SC/C/D

This charger is fully automatic and is very simple to use. It selects the current without your input, calculates the battery’s capacity , automatically recognizes battery type, detects the internal resistance, detects the battery’s temperature, calculates battery charge percentage, change the power adapter automatically and calculates the charging time. And, it is safe to use because intelligent temperature control detects the battery temperature in real time to ensure a stable charging process. There’s also reverse polarity and short circuit protection and the unit supports battery activation, battery repair and stops charging when the the battery in each slot is fully charged.

At the top of the device, there’s an LCD display that features all charging data you may need for each bay. This includes indicators for voltage, current, charging time, battery type, internal resistance, capacity, temperature and percentage.

In addition to lightning fast recharges, the C4-12 also has a power bank function which allows you to plug in any USB device such as a smart phone, tablet and other digital equipment.

As far as the construction, this device is made from fireproof/environmentally friendly PC and ABS that resists heat, wear-and-tear, low temperatures and shock.

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