Strawberry Tartz E-Liquid $14.99/100mL

The grape version features grape candy flavor that will satisfy your taste buds thanks to some sugar coating. The strawberry option is both sweet and tart and features tasty candy blended with sweet strawberries.

Mystery by Air Factory 100ml E-Juice $12.55

Who doesn't like a mystery novel or movie? This e-liquid delivers a mysterious experience for the ages as its flavor cannot really be identified and depends on your taste buds. The only thing we know for sure is that it does have a candy flavor to it.

Wild Apple by Air Factory 100ml E-Juice $12.55

This e-liquid is an amazing combination of fresh red and green apples that results in a sweet taffy flavor. Air Factory produced this incredible vape juice that will take you back to your childhood. If you love fresh fruit flavors combined with sweet taste, you'll enjoy this one.