Yosta Livepor 256 256W Box Mod $29.49

The affordable Livepor 256 features triple 18650 cells, juice taste adjustment mode, temperature control with popular heating elements, low resistance capability, 256 watts of output, fast 2 amp charging and interchangeable battery covers.

Reuleaux RX200 250W Box Mod $14.99

The Reuleaux RX200 is a brand new 200 watt box mod from Wismec. The company recently brought their DNA200 box mod to market, but it's pricey and there is a shortage of DNA200 chip boards. With the RX200, they've copied the design of their DNA200 to a less expensive box mod, with a cheaper Joyetech chip.

US Store: Modefined Prism 250W Box Mod $26.99

The Modefined Prism features 250 watts of output, a carbon fiber control face, a polished carbon fiber or leather battery door, versatile temperature control, triple 18650 cells, an easy magnetic back cover and an OLED display.

ThinkVape Finder DNA250C 250W Box Mod $117.99 & Free Shipping

The Thinkvape Finder is one of the first box mods to be build with Evolv's DNA250C Color Chip Board. The device features a full color 160 x 80 Color TFT screen, patented technology, triple 18650 battery compatibility, waterproof buttons, a leather battery cover, fast charging, versatile temperature control, 250 watts of power and full customization functionality with Escribe software & theme designer.

NCR Nicotine Reinforcer 256W Box Mod Kit $62.99

The NCR Nicotine Reinforcer Box Mod features 256 watts of power, a semi-transparent white chassis, triple 18650 compatibility, curve modes, fast charging, multiple protections and temperature control with all types of heating elements.

Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 Box Mod $109.99

The Triade by Lost Vape features a DNA 250 chip board, 250 watts of power, 97% efficiency rating, precise temperature control, leather battery cover, portable form factor and preheat capability in temperature modes.

Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 $121.70 & Free Shipping

Compared to its predecessor, the Triade DNA 250 features a 50 watt power increase to 250W, faster USB charging at 2 amps, a 55A current output limit, on-board reverse voltage protection, a higher current fuse and an easier stainless steel temperature control system.

Vapor Shark DNA 250 Box Mod $184.99 & Free Shipping

Upgraded with the latest chip board from Evolv, The Vapor Shark DNA 250 has an increased output of 250 watts versus the previous Vapor Shark DNA 200. The new version also features faster charging, compatibility with all coil types and a 0.91 inch OLED at the top.