SMY 75W Mini TC Box Mod $20.12 & Free Shipping

The SMY 75W TC is a portable box mod that has all the technology you could possibly need with adequate power in an amazing form factor. You can get one in black, silver, red, maple leaf, carbon fiber, wood gain or get one with a skulls design.

US Shipper: SMY SDNA75 75W TC Box Mod $53.97 & Free Shipping

The SMY SDNA75 is a brand new box mod that was designed by Simeiyue and was built with the latest Evolv DNA chip. It features 75W of ouput power, accurate temperature control and an amazing design. SMY has stated that they wanted to put SDNA 200 in a more compact chassis and this box mod was the result.

SMY Touch Box Mini 60W Box Mod $41.99 & Free Shipping

The Touch Box Mini is a brand new 60W touch screen box mod that is the small version of the Touch Box 100W by SMY. Compared to its larger brother, both the hardware and firmware have been upgraded resulting in better touch response and more accurate temperature control.


SMY SDNA 200 TC Box Mod $139.46

The SMY SDNA 200 box mod is yet another product from China that utilizes a genuine DNA 200 chip and that is just aswesome. As usual, Simeiyue has really done a great job with a sleek design for the SDNA 200.

SMY60 TC Mini Box Mod $39.89

The SMY60 mini box mod is an excellent device for your night out. It's compact and powerful and features the latest technology and a fantastic LCD screen. The device has an elegant design, no sharp edges and looks very similar to other SMY mods, but much smaller.