Think Vape Ruger 230W Box Mod $39.99

The ThinkVape Ruger box mod features a unique design, dual 18650 batteries, 230 watts of power, high power efficiency, constant power/temperature output, a fast 2 amp charging system and a 0.96 inch OLED.

Think Vape Finder DNA 250 167W Box Mod $97.99

The Think Vape Finder 167W is an almost identical box mod to the Finder DNA 75, but with more than twice the power because it is built with a DNA 250 chip board. It features precise temperature control, is powered by dual 18650 external battery cells and features premium construction materials with a amazing design.

Thinkvape Box 75 DNA 75 Box Mod $74.60

The Thinkvape Box 75 is a mod that is built with an Evolv DNA chip and features accurate power and temperature control modes. It can fire all the way up to 75W and is very portable.

Think Vape Box 133 DNA 200 Box Mod $97.67

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The Think Vape Box 133 is powered by an Evolv DNA 200 chip, known in the industry for accurate temperature control and amazing menus and functionality. It is powered by only two LiPo batteries.