IMREN 5V/10000mAh Portable Power Bank Charger $9.99 (USA)

The IMREN Portable Power Bank is the ideal method to charge your mod or phone when you leave the house! It is about the same dimension as a phone, this small battery pack is comfortable to carry in your purse or pocket for a secure way to charge your devices wherever you are.

US Store: Efest LUC Blu6 Charger $19.00

This charger features 6 independently-monitored charging bays, Bluetooth apps, a high-quality OLED display, three charging modes (0.5A/1A/2A), and a multitude of safety protections.

US Store: Efest Lush Charger $14.85

The Efest Lush charger has two options: the Q2 with two bays and the Q4 that has four. The slots use piano spring wires for ideal battery installation and each bay can be independently monitored.

Efest SODA Charger $12.59

This dual bay charger features a powerful yet dual charging slots,  portable design, quick charging, compatibility with many different types of vape batteries,  and several safety features.

Efest SLIM K2 Charger $10.80 (USA)

It features a powerful yet portable design, quick charging, compatibility with many different types of batteries, LED battery life indicator, and several safety features to keep you safe while you charge.

XTAR VC4 Charger $15.21

This charger an ABS/PC body, four battery slots, an LCD display for charging status,  and compatibility with most vape batteries such as 18650, 20700, 21700.

Efest LUC Mini Charger $10.12

It features a single battery slot, LCD screen that displays battery voltage levels, several built-in safety technologies, and a plethora of compatible batteries.

Nitecore Q6 Charger 6 Slots $14.85

It features the ability to charge 6 batteries at one time, as well as several extra features to charge your batteries quickly and efficiently: active current distribution, 2x charging modes, continuously adapting voltage, overcharge protection, reverse polarity prevention, short circuit prevention, and car adapter compatibility.

Golisi Needle 6 Charger $9.99

The Golisi Needle 6, with 6 battery slots, is a practical and compact charger that uses a USB power port to charge cylindrical rechargeable batteries. It is made of high quality materials, has military grade loading springs/contact plates and a myriad of safety features.