Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA Pod System Kit $29.89

Update: The Lost Vape Orion Plus Has Been Discontinued – Check  Newer Pod Starter Kit Deals Or All Mod/Kit Deals 

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Here are cheap deals for the Orion Plus by Lost Vape,  the updated version of the Orion DNA GO. The new pod system features an updated Evolv DNA chipset, a mesh coil option, five power settings, patent-pending temperature limiting technology, a new power regulation system, power boost functionality, coil resistance auto-detection, DNA GO coil compatibility, top adjustable airflow, and 15 color options including stab wood, resin, and carbon fiber finishes.

Update: This product is quite old and out of stock almost everywhere.

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Evolv DNA GO Chipset

For better performance, the DNA GO chipboard on the Orion Plus has been upgraded. As a result, it now has 5 alternate power settings (compared to 3) and patent-pending temperature control technology. And, users can now automatically regulate power if they wish.

5 Power Levels

To personalize your vape experience, the Orion Plus by Lost Vape features 5 power settings. Simply press the power button once to cycle between output levels. With a 0.25ohm coil installed, power will range from 13 watts to 22 watts, while the 0.5ohm head will fire between 10 and 18 watts. To recognize the current output, there’s an LED  above the fire button that will light white (level 1/lowest output), blue, red, yellow or purple (level 5/highest output).

Flavor Replay & Initial Power Boost

As is the case with many Evolv DNA Mods, the chipset features replay technology to lock your favorite flavor setting. This means you can capture the taste of your perfect puff every single time and produce consistent vapor while preventing dry puffs or burnt flavors. The chipboard also auto-detects the resistance of your coil to automatically jump to the correct setting. Additionally, there’s a new 40 watt boost system that permits for a brief increase of power upon initial firing for faster vapor production.

Replaceable Coils

Two new coils are available for the Orion Plus. The first is a 0.25ohm mesh coil which would be best with standard e-liquids. Or, you may prefer the 0.5ohm regular coil which is more compatible with nicotine salt or other high nicotine e-liquids.

Works With DNA GO Pods

If you already have the DNA GO Pod System, you are in luck as both the pods and coils are compatible with the Orion Plus. But, the previous pods and heads are recommended to be used only on the level 1 or level 2 power setting (white or blue indicators).

Adjustable Airflow 

At the bottom of the mouthpiece, you may rotate a ring to control airflow. In this way, you can set the device to either a mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung style vape or somewhere in between.

New Colors

A wide range of finishes are available for the Orion Plus. If you are looking for a stabwood or resin pod kit at a great price, you can pick from gold, silver, blue or black. Or, you may prefer your device with a carbon fiber panel in gold, silver, blue, black or purple. And, there are also abalone color options such as gold, silver ocean scallop, blue ocean scallop, black ocean scallop, purple ocean scallop, and purple phenix. You can see all the options here.


Each kit consists of a 2ml pod and a mod with 950mAh integrated battery that will fire in the range of 10 to 22 watts. The pod cartridge has a heat-resistant Delrin drip tip with adjustable airflow and an effortless refill slot. The mod has a lock/unlock button for easy pod installation, a fire button, a light indicator, and a power level button. And near the bottom of the control face, you’ll see a micro USB port for an easy recharge process with the included cable.

How To Swap Coils

Unlike many other pod systems, the Orion Plus works with replaceable coils, so there is no need to buy entire replacement cartridges. To swap out the head, unscrew the mouthpiece to remove the used coil and install a new one. It is best to put the pod in a lying position for about 5 minutes to ensure the coil becomes completely saturated.


Features & Specifications

  • Updated DNA GO Chipset
  • Measurements: 93mm x 37mm x 13.5mm
  • Weight: 87g
  • New Finishes
    • Stabwood Series: Gold, Silver, Blue Black
    • Carbon Fiber Series: Gold, Blue, Silver, Purple, Black
    • Abalone Series: Purple Phenix, Purple Ocean Scallop, Black Ocean Scallop, Blue Ocean Scallop, Silver Ocean Scallop, Gold Abalone
  • 950mAh Integrated Battery
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • Wattage Output Range: 10W To 22W
  • 5 Power Settings:  White, Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple
  • 2mL Pods
  • Top Fill System
  • 0.25ohm Orion Plus Mesh Coil
  • 0.5ohm Orion Plus Regular Coil
  • Cross Compatibility With DNA Go Pods & Coils
  • Safety Protections
    • High-Temperature Protection
    • Short-Circuit Protection
    • Low Battery Warning
    • High Resistance Protection
    • Low Resistance Protection
  • Top Adjustable Airflow (MTL or DTL)
  • Replay Flavor Lock (Save Settings)
  • 40 Watt Initial Power Boost System
  • Auto-Detect Pod Resistance
  • Patent-Pending Temperature Control Limiting Technology
  • Users Can Regulate Power

In The Box

  • Orion Plus Mod
  • Orion Plus Lanyard
  • USB Cable
  • Warranty
  • 1 x 0.25ohm Mesh Coil
  • 1 x 0.5ohm Regular Coil
  • Manual

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